Hi friends, further to my last post I realise it could appear like I’ve painted my new American friends in a less than flattering light. Oh my. That is so not my heart or intention!! I am surrounded by some amazingly kind, gifted, sweet and fun people! Anything I wrote was simply to highlight how much of a fish out of water I am feeling. I think I have underestimated the cultural shift. I’m sure in time I’ll become less awkward, figure out the social norms and feel more at home. In the meantime, please bear with this bungling Kiwi.

Love you, 

Deb xx

2 thoughts on “Addendum…

  1. Anyone who knows you, knows your heart Deb. If anything, it comes across as self-deprecating Kiwi humour. You would never intend to hurt anyone. It is simply the adventures of a girl adjusting to a foreign land. And we want to hear more ❤


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